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Thread: Moving acount

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    Moving acount

    I am considering moving my reseller account from liquidweb to hostgator. I have about 15 client sites and am wondering if there is a howto on moving from one provider to another?

    Liquidweb has been great, very prompt, competent service. But I am tired of no remote mysql access and they have been a little quick to blacklist ip's without notice. Before liquidweb I used energized hosting but the accounts got hacked too frequently - is that an issue at all with hostgator?

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    Have you tried contacting LiquidWeb about the two issues?

    They seem like relatively small issues, ones that LW may be able to address without you needing to move?

    Just a quick suggestion.

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    Is your account with them on cpanel?

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    yes, CP and WHM

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    if it's cpanel whm then you could ask your new host to transfer the accounts over using the user and pass. depending on the size of the accounts, it can take anywhere from 5 minutes to 5 hours (sometimes longer depending on method as well)

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    About moving your accounts:

    I am considering moving my reseller account from liquidweb to hostgator.
    Reseller account at Liquidweb? I was not aware of them selling reseller hosting, except through their Sonet7 brand.

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    Thanks for the link. Right it is a sonet7 account but they're the same except that the CP's older in my liquidweb account.

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    Does sonet7 offer SSH access (jailshell)? If so you could get your remote MySQL by tunnelling through the SSH connection.

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    No SSh with sonet7 accounts

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    I assume you need to work with your prospective web host. Just tell them what you currently have and what you need to have done. And see what they will be able to offer. They are proffi and I assume they know a lot of secrets how to have that done
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