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    Smile Share : Plesk 5 Server


    I have a 1Ghz AMD Server from Serverbeach, equipped with 512 meg RAM, and Plesk 5 control panel, redhat 7.3 and all the usual stuff.......

    In a bid to reduce my monthly outgoings, I offer the following "shares" at Cost Price .

    The server has a 99.9% uptime guarantee and 24 hr hardware replacement guarantee.

    I would retain root access (maybe negotiable to experienced linux admins), and can setup reseller accounts quickly as required.

    Anyway, the offer is:

    QUARTER Share
    100 Gigs Transfer monthly
    15 Gigs Disk space $30 monthly

    THIRD Share
    135 Gigs Transfer monthly
    20 Gigs Disk Space $40 monthly

    HALF Share
    200 Gigs Transfer monthly
    30 Gigs Space $60 monthly

    The plesk licence is unlimited, so we would have to agree sensible limits so as not to overload the server, other than that there are no real limits within diskspace and bandwidth allocation.

    IP's are $2.50 each/month and $25 setup per request (not per IP)

    Look forward to comments or offers


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    I'm not goinf to be available for a couple of days. If you still need shares on Thursday, Please let me know. (Not to resell - one domain only)


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    Good offer! I am interested, but I have some hesitation to go ahead. How do I know about you and your company more? I would like to for QUARTER Share. Can we discuss the details, either through email or yahoo chat? Just let me know.


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