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    Chat with MSN vebnest representative. [Split from older thread]

    Chat with MSN vebnest representative.

    VEBNEST Sales says (06:52):
    after verified your payment for fraud then your account will be activate
    Shottaz says (06:52):
    How long does that usually take?
    VEBNEST Sales says (06:53):
    1-4 hour maximum
    Shottaz says (06:53):
    And if your online right now it can get done quicker?
    Shottaz says (06:54):
    Also, what speeds are the servers? 100mbps? do you have any download files I can check to see how fast the servers are?
    VEBNEST Sales says (06:54):
    its taking time for verifying
    we have planet server which is most expansive and top one
    Shottaz says (06:56):
    How fast is it?
    VEBNEST Sales says (06:57):
    2x.2.4GHZ every server has minimum CPU , minimum 2Gb RAM and minimum 500GB HDD
    VEBNEST Sales says (06:58):
    we have with Quode Core as well
    with 4 GB RAM
    Shottaz says (06:58):
    I mean internet connection. the uplink port.
    the speed of the connection
    how fast to download
    VEBNEST Sales says (06:59):
    99.9% Uptime Guarantee
    Shottaz says (06:59):
    Your not listening
    Shottaz says (07:00):
    How fast can I download from your sever
    500KB/s? 2MB/s
    VEBNEST Sales says (07:01):
    Shottaz says (07:01):
    That is very slow.
    I need at least 20MB/s or 25MB/s
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    I don't get why they charge you monthly for a one time service:
    //VPS Blowout going on now! Can you believe it?
    //Installation of any script i.e. Wordpress, theme or plugin(s) included!
    //99.9% Uptime//Live Support//Awesome Deals!
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    Quote Originally Posted by gray929 View Post
    I don't get why they charge you monthly for a one time service:
    I suppose no one but they do not understand they better. And only they can answer this question
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    These kids running this site are retarded. One guy cant spell "Quad" and I asked for the server connection or an IP to ping and he replies "99.9% Uptime Guarentee" and I'm like wtf, I didnt ask you that lol.
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