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    Outsourced Support & Management


    I'm wanting to outsource support.

    This is for VPS, Web Hosting and Reseller clients.

    What I require is:
    24/7 Helpdesk - (Preferably maximum 30 minute response time)
    24/7 Livechat

    Preferably covering both support and sales.

    I'd also like it if the company could set up Virtuozzo accounts.

    Finally server management would be useful too.

    Please reply with quotes and information either here or via PM. Do not direct me to your website for pricing, I will not look.

    Thank you.

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    I have sent you a PM.

    Matt Chariot Education & Technology Pvt. Ltd
    Experts in Technical Support, Server Management,Web Design, Web Development.
    Trial Period for 10 Days for Support and Server Management

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    Hello Pete,

    I have added you on MSN so that i can understand your needs in detail and can take this further.


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    We've sent you a PM.

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    Support Ticket Near You!
    Matt Chariot is great.

    I would recommend you take their 10 day trial and see for yourself. - VPS Control Panel
    Automating and monitoring your hosting business.

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    I have already send you a PM.

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    search for lemonbit, give them a try. Hear a good things about them in my network. Accurate and people with good knowledge about what they are doing.

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    i already added you in msn

    wish to talk to you ASAP

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    Have sent you a Pm.

    Looking forward to hearing from you. - the name says it all!
    Managed Cloud Servers
    Server Management and Monitoring
    24x7 outsourced customer support

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    || For Hosting Companies & Data Centres :: Helpdesk / Chat / Phone / Social Media :: cPanel / Plesk / DirectAdmin
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