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Thread: 1and1 down?

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    1and1 down?

    I'm trying to access 1and1 for a client of mine and I can't seem to reach it (from SW Canada - Calgary).

    I've tried from multiple ISP links (Telus, Shaw, TeraGo) but they're all timing out. I've done lookups through various DNS servers and they all return and as the name servers for their domain (this may be geo-specific though; if that's not what you're seeing, I'd be happy to know which ones are coming up for you) but neither are responding.

    Tracing seems to die after the first hop into their network, but try as I might, I can't find any status page for them.

    Anyone else seeing these issues?

    [EDIT] Between typing this post and previewing it, it's now resolving but still not responding.

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    Ok, it looks like it's VERY slowly coming back up. Probably getting hammered right now.

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    I am not able to get to their site.

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    I'm not able to access their homepage

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    There's been a rash of outages from the home isp sectors lately. It may have been related one of those issues.

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