Hello everyone,

I'm Lavanya, located in Pennsylvania USA. I am seeking employment as suppert technician/system administrator. I have done Engineering in Electronics & communication in 2006 & RHCE in 2008. Worked with HCL, India for a year in ISP-Programming routers and switches, and performing troubleshooting tasks for connectivity, speed, and packet loss issues.

I have experience in the following:
Operating Systems
  • Windows(All versions including Vista)
  • CentOS
  • RedHat Linux
  • Ubuntu Linux
  • And more!

My experience in Linux includes:
  • boot systems into different run levels for troubleshooting and system maintenance
  • diagnose and correct misconfigured networking, host name resolution problems
  • configure the X Window System and a desktop environment
  • add new partitions, filesystems, and swap to existing systems
  • use standard command-line tools to analyze problems and configure system
  • Installation and Configuration
  • use the rescue environment provided by first installation CD
  • install the packages needed to provide the service
  • configure SELinux to support the service
  • use iptables to implement packet filtering and/or NAT
  • use PAM to implement user-level restrictions

In Linux Networking:
  • perform network OS installation
  • implement a custom partitioning scheme
  • configure the scheduling of tasks using cron and at
  • attach system to a network directory service, such as NIS or LDAP
  • configure autofs, remote printing
  • add and manage users, groups, quotas, and File Access Control Lists, file permissions
  • install and update packages using rpm, kernel package, using yum or pup
  • modify the system bootloader
  • implement software RAID at install-time and run-time
  • use /proc/sys and sysctl to modify and set kernel run-time parameters
  • configure NTP for time synchronization with a higher-stratum server
  • Install, configure & provide service in HTTP/HTTPS, SMB, NFS, FTP, Web proxy, SMTP, IMAP, IMAPS, and POP3, SSH, DNS, NTP

  • C Language
  • Cpp
  • Javascript, VBscript
  • HTML
  • SQL
  • Shell programming & system level programming
  • MS office & OpenOffice

I have excellent Communication skills, and I can deal with customers in a fast, professional, and courteous manner. I have a very fast, reliable PC & broadband internet connection and I am available to work at any time of the day or night.I can easily adapt to changes and I feel that I would be a great asset to any Web Hosting company.

Salary is negotiable. I prefer hourly pay salary, but I am willing to work something else out if needed.

Resume & References are available upon request.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Best Regards,