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    Website down after migration

    Hi there, I had a Directadmin reseller account which i move over to new host and the new host has migrated all accounts over to their cpanel reseller account.

    Its been 3 days and i believe the dns has been propagated as my main reseller account domain is up and accessible.

    I cleared all cache browsers and ipflush but my other accounts website are still down but the new host on the other side in the US can access while im in Singapore cannot access it.

    All domains nameservers are set correctly and the website just dont show up on my end, any idea anyone?

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    try to access it via IP address.

    http://<server ip>/~username

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    You can also check it on online proxy here
    Back after a long time!

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    If you can also provide us with the domain here, people can check whether the domain name correctly resolves and shows up in the browser. You can also PM me the domain name if you'd like for me to check.
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