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    Looking for a high-end hosting package

    We don't want the hassle of running a dedicated server- basically we're creating an online radio station(mainly talk with music inbetween- we're figuring our licensing which is why its taking so long)

    -all streaming will be done off other servers(probably using live365 unless anyone has any other recommendations).

    -Our site will use joomla so it needs php mysql and sendmail

    -We DO have a 15k+ person mailing list and assume we'd have to use an outside service for that, but we'd need to send registrations for the site- all the normal stuff

    -Although our main shows will be using someone else for podcasts(probably libsyn) some of our talk shows won't be as well funded as others and would want to be able to upload their shows to our server- this is getting into some serious harddrive space and data transfer. We're going to do our best to push people to use other servers but if there's a really great interview that makes news we don't want to force it off

    So anyone know what we should go for? do ~$100 unlimited data 50gb+ storage packages exist on 100mbs connections or should we settle for a 10? I've browsed the Shared Hosting Offers forum but they all seem focused on lower-end packages

    Also if you look at my old posts ya, we've changed our ideas and objectives

    Thanks- everyone has been really helpful here so far

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    Perhaps VPS or Semi-Dedicated would be a good realistic option? You seem to be serious about what you are doing, I would say shared might not be what you need. Though that's not to say it would not work.

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    My concern is the time involved- tho I'm not working now I will be sooner than later. Making sure everything is running OK on a dedicated is timeconsuming and that would lock me into a windows server(since I have little linux experience). Plus getting unmetered vps and dedicated really increases the cost. Admittedly I don't know what a semi-dedicated is?

    Right now I'm looking at there was tech support concerns posted here I'm not worried since I don't think we'll need them) I am however concerned they don't have a page showing their ACTUAL server stats... looks pretty good and they have shared hosting within our realm... would they end up kicking us off if traffic got too high tho?
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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeTrike View Post
    Perhaps VPS or Semi-Dedicated would be a good realistic option? You seem to be serious about what you are doing, I would say shared might not be what you need. Though that's not to say it would not work.
    Semi-dedicated would probably be the easier/cheaper of the two affording the power that you will likely need.

    As for not having a page listing server stats - presumably their servers will all vary a bit and realistically the hardware itself doesn't matter as long as they don't overload/mismanage their servers.
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    Get a managed dedicated server. This will save you time and still give you the full resources of a box.
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    You can find a really nice hosting packages with a company that does not oversell and hopefully be just as happy. With all the specifications you provided a VPS or a dedicated most likely will be the best solution for you currently. You really need to take the time to research on WHT or search engines (Google, Yahoo or Bing - each one will provide you with difference results).

    Once you have maybe 5 or 10 companies that you really like you will want to gather a list of questions. These questions should relate specifically to you, such as: "Do you support Joomla?", "How many people will be on the server with me?" and other questions that matter to you. Best of luck to you!
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    Based off your requirements, I would recommend you get a managed VPS.
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    A fully managed VPS will save you a lot of time and headache especially if you don't have much technical experience when it comes to managing a server. All the initial set up and possibly addons, upgrades, software installs will be done upon request by the managed company that you're with. Seeing your budget, you can get a pretty high-end managed VPS if you don't want a fully dedicated server. Although a fully managed dedicated server and a fully managed VPS is pretty much the same thing, the dedicated server will simply cost more in most cases.

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    We do list server stats on our website. Currenlty our server configs are listed here. . However our new batch of servers will be using the newer Intel 5500 series CPUs.

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