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    How I canm secure my Website from unknown Viruses?


    can anyone tell me please How I protect My Website.


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    can you provide your OS/control panel details. - the name says it all!
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    Get cleaned all the files with an antivirus tool at your PC level and then upload the files into the server. Once done, setup 755 permissions for folders and 644 permissions for files. This will help you in one way to protect your site.

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    By proper security measures and installing genuine anti-virus software. Ensure that your files and folder are secure.
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    yes ensure your local PC isnt infected!.

    Server side mode security rules can ban alot of the requests many viruses make etc.

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    If you have your own dedicated server/VPS you can install all kinds of security tools to help protect you. If it's a shared hosting account there isn't much you can do except make sure you have clean/secure code and keep it updated if using something like a CMS.
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