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    [1 Day Review] Order to Delivery (iWeb)

    As you may not know, last week I came here to search for a more economical alternative to my dedicated services.

    After searching for a couple days, and after a few offers, I took iWeb's great offer. This is basically a Order, Setup and Delivery review because when I came to WTH I found very few to none experiences in this aspect and I know a lot of people start to go nuts in this phase of ordering a server.

    I found iWeb through WTH, I had read some reviews, but didn't find them comparable to my old host LayeredTech. After more research I submitted an Offer Request through WTH/HostVoice and got a great initial offer from iWeb.
    I had basically only one concern, they offered a 10 Mbps port and I had a 100 Mbps port. They upgraded the offer to include the 100 Mbps port into the offer price of $109.00. I was really happy. I was paying more than $150.00 for a somewhat comparable to lower-end server from LayeredTech and the price did not justified the price.
    So I accepted the Terms, and signed on for One-Year. No biggie for me, I was with LayerTech for 1.5 yrs and my previous host I was for 2 yrs.
    I paid on Thursday afternoon, but by then Billing was no longer in Business Hours. So my ordered was not processed until the early Friday morning. (I live in the PST, company is EST)
    I was hoping for a Friday delivery, but I didn't get it. I really wanted that because unfortunately they don't do server deliveries on the weekend.

    So I'm really getting nervous because my LT billing period is about to end on Monday and the server is going offline any time Monday night to anytime Tuesday.
    I waited all weekend in anticipation and Today, Monday, I woke up to an email from the DC of my brand new server.
    I was happy because checking for everything I was pleasantly surprised that the server was better than what I understood from the quote/offer.
    Order Processed to Delivery: 24 hrs (With weekend 72 Hrs)
    My New Server is the same in power from my LT server, but it was better than what I expected.

    I now have different from Order and LT server;
    Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2Duo CPU E7400 @ 2.80GHz 3MB Cache
    Hard Drive: 750GB (750156 MB)
    BW: 3000 GB

    From LT;
    Proc: Intel P4 @ 2.80 GHz 1MB Cache
    Hard Drive: 500GB
    BW: 1500GB

    I just got everything transferred and everything working, I submitted a support ticket to add some rDNS and got an answered in less than 5 minutes. It's still getting propagated, but its getting done.

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    Good to see that you are pleased with your new server from iWeb Be sure to check back in a few months and post an updated testimonial.

    Also, you will need to submit your domain to the mods for verification -- You may do so by pressing the REPORT button on your post.
    Daniel | Server Complete, LLC
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    Wholly owned hardware and self operated network (AS19531) in Jacksonville, FL

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    Thanks for verifying your domain hosted with iWeb
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    Thanks for Your Review
    Webgater.CoM - Cheap FullyManged Unmetered VPS , Master Reseller ,
    Reseller and Webhosting.
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    If you are on tight schedule, know that we can also help with the migration of your data.

    Let us know and thanks for the review, it is appreciated !
    David Moreau Simard
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    Thanks for the review totc! It's always fun to receive some feedback from customers (bad or good)!
    Sylvain Delisle
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    iWeb will help you transfer your data as iWeb-Foo pointed out. I hate to see such a tight schedule, so many things could go wrong during such a short period of time.

    Best of luck when transferring servers though!
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    I too just got setup on an iWeb server yesterday! I submitted a ticket yesterday afternoon around 2PM to help with my migration (only 3 sites to migrate from a VPS to my dedicated server) and it was completed by 3AM this morning! So about 13 hours. I really like my server so far! It is much better than my VPS! Obviously the cost is more each month, but I found someone to join in with my and I'm hosting their sites so that helps eat the cost a little each month.

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