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    hello again!

    i first came here looking for web hosting about two weeks ago. there was so much i did not know and i searched google and on this community to find a sutiable web host. i read many articles on finding and choosing a host and learned a few things. i talked to many poteintial companys and landed on and i am thrilled with them. i was just going to update my old post but i see many people doing reviews here so i thought i would also because they deserve one. i have only just started business with them but it is the best service i expereinced from any company anywhere if i think of it i will come back here later to let everyone know how i am doing with them. i was amazed to find there office is only a few hours from me too. that was a big plus.

    i spoke to jason on live chat and he later offered to call me directly to discuss things because i had so many questions on how this all worked. he answered all my questions well and made sure i understood what he meant. there were still things i did not know how to do and still did not understand because it was tough to direct a complete idiot how to change domain things and upload a website. when we realized we were near each other he gave me his office address and invited me to come down for help!! i thought this was the neatest thing because i wanted to see what servers looked like but they dont have servers there, its just an office. oh well.

    i got private lessons from jason in there office on how to use ftp and my control panel and their client center. i watched as he moved my domain setups to his network except i did not know my password so i had to fax my id to the domain place to reset my password. it took about thirty minutes to reset it and then we were good to go. they were very friendly and professional very very helpful and even gave a few little extras!

    they were more expensive then my last host but at least there email works properly unlike my last host! a big plus for me! i am not very good with computers or websites so a freind made me a new website to use. jason looked it over and said he could provide me with a new site that will be easy for me to update myself and would have it ready in a week. something called jumla software so i am very excitied i dont need other people to help me make a new site all the time. so far i had nothing but amazing service and recommend them to anyone.

    big thank yoou to jason and 2amnetwork all around!

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    Can you please submit a hosted domain privately to the moderators? You can use this link: Where did you hear about these folks? A search on WHT didn't show anything.
    If you have to operate your company behind the scenes or under a fake name, maybe it's time to leave the industry and start something fresh.

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    Yes, I remember little mitts post in regards to finding a great webhost, Looks as if she found one

    Agree with Mike V the same, But congratulations!

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    hello i have used that link for my website and how i found them.

    hi sean nice to see you again thank you again for the help and links you gave me! i used that link that mike posted

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    Thank you for submitting a site hosted. Hope your hosting experiences go well.
    If you have to operate your company behind the scenes or under a fake name, maybe it's time to leave the industry and start something fresh.

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    you are welcome and thank you for the wishes i hope it works out too moving a website is very confusing so i dont want to have to do it again.

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    Nice review. I hope you will keep us updated with your reviews for the particular web hosting service company. Thanks again

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    any new review about it ?


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    I am looking for other reviews of this host but when i google for them all I come up with are articles by Cameron Coish who apparently works for 2amnetwork. Has anyone found or seen objective reviews of said company?

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