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    * looking for a cheap windows dedicated server for personal use

    Hello, i'm looking for a single core p4 3.0 GHZ or above with 2 mega cash, 512~1gb of ram, bandwidth about 2500~3000 a month, remote desktop, full video support( i'll be doing some video editing and converting), price 35~55 $

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    Don't think that is possible mate considering windows is around ~$25.

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    At that budget you'll most likely end up with a decent VPS.
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    when it comes to vps cpu usage is shared and people don't like it if u eat half cpu recources so a dedi would be fine, and i have seen some p4 2.8 GHZ around that costs 29$+15$ windows2003 = 45~~$ so i think 55$ can get me what i want

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    It will not be possible, because Windows license cost starts from $25+ per month.

    So you are not likely to get a server if you do not increase your budget to the $90 region

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    mathewanson i have seen some windows 2003 that costs 15$, and 90$ i think it's a budget for an advanced plane with higher requirements

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    Either CoreNetworks or BurstNet would probably be the cheapest solution...

    Burst's new network has been getting some great reviews lately, definitely check them out.

    Your budget is a bit low for what you need but if you search hard enough you should be able to find it.

    If you are not scared of an Atom then check the offers forum for Honelive... They were running a Free Windows Atom 330 for $49/month
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    The cheapest solution is OVH. Celeron with 2GB of RAM and 3TB traffic on 100Mbps port, then unlimited on 10Mbps. If you take this from UK, it will cost you 20GBP for the server and 15GBP for Windows Web Edition, plus 15% VAT means around 40GBP(40,24), which is roughly 66USD(don't forget the USD now is very low).
    So basicly, this is your cheapest solution.

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