Hello All,

Dan Brock here, the creator of the HostLauncher web hosting course.

I am about to show you how to explode your profits by sending out just one single newsletter to your customers.

This method will cost you absolutely nothing, besides for a few minutes of your time to send out my newsletter to your hosting customers. The newsletter will be promoting my product, the HostLauncher Course, which I am offering you 65% commission on EVERY sale you generate. This can be an extra $30-$50 per sale. What I have here is a very web hosting targeted product for you to promote to your entire list of customers.

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Another easy way to make more money from your customers.
I have created a thank you page for you to direct your customers to after they have ordered your hosting service. This is the best place for you to put my offer. You can expect a sale for every 2-3 new signups you get.

You have nothing to lose from this! In fact, by not using my thank you page, you are only leaving money on the table.

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It's easy folks! Simply:
  1. Sign up for a Clickbank Affiliate account here.
  2. Use my pre-made emails here and start mailing them to your list.(don't forget to substitute your affiliate link so that you get credited for the sales you generate)
  3. Add my thank you page to your order form(optional) to get more money out of your customers during the sign-up process.
  4. Wait for the checks to start flowing in!

Have questions? Feel free to ask!