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    Your Suggestions Please

    I just opened up my new site and I would like to have everyone expert opinions on it.

    All suggestions are welcome

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    Interesting theme. Nice layout/design, but you could cut down on the load by using "real" text instead of text images.

    I think the service agreement and acceptable use would look better if it wasn't a pop-window and had the same layout/design as the rest of the site.

    The support link - modern bill???????

    I got a security alert for the sign up, didn't go any further.

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    Idea is good, but the implementation not.
    Yes, keep the same style for different pages.
    Graphic instead of text - not good, not reasonable here.
    Tube-like menu is trivial and could be better to replace it with something else, say semi transpearent milk flat ribbon or variations.

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    ...and disable IE 6 image toolbar to appear with mouse over picture (use <META>)

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    mmm dale's work I like it a lot but maybe some sort of dash border or something around the template (since it's a center design) also maybe a suddle grid background so around the layout it isn't just white. I like the design, and I agree, you should use real text in place of the text images (like your plans)

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    I like it. I agree with the majority here--go for real text. Otherwise, pretty cool stuff.

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    That you all for your honest opinions. I'll try to put some of them in action.

    Thanks again

    Alien Internet Support Staff

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    The Changes have been made..

    Ok Everyone, The changes have been made to Please go there and tell me what you think. I used just about all of the suggestions you suggested on my last post. I had to put my web designer on slave labor to make all the changes happen.

    All your feedback is welcome. Thanks again

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