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    [EU] Celeron from 39€, Quadcore from 59€, i7 920 from 69€


    We are reselling some ovh servers, located in France,
    and connected via AS16276

    This servers are offered unmanaged and some models,
    are not avalaible for all ovh customers.

    Celeron D/215/220
    CPU: 1.20+ GHz
    Ram: 2 GB
    Disk: 500GB
    Transfer: 3TB at 100Mbps, after 10Mbps shared
    IP's: 4

    Monthly: 49€ monthly or a setup fee 39€ + 39€ monthly
    Avalibility: 24h.

    Quad Core Q6600
    4x 2.40+ GHz
    Ram: 4 GB
    Disk: 1 TB
    Transfer: 3TB at 100Mbps, after 10Mbps shared
    IP's: 4

    Monthly: 89€ monthly or a setup fee 59€ + 59€ monthly
    Avalibility: 24h.

    SwitchPort 1G --> +30€/monthly

    i7 920
    8x 2.66+ GHz
    Ram: 8 GB
    Disk: 2 x 1 TB
    Soft Raid: 0/1
    Transfer: 3TB at 100Mbps, after 10Mbps shared
    IP's: 4

    Monthly: 159€ monthly or a setup fee 129€ + 69€ monthly
    Avalibility: September.

    SwitchPort 1G --> +30€/monthly
    3ware hardware raid 0/1 2 disks --> +30€/monthly
    3ware hardware raid 0/1 4 disks --> +50€/monthly

    Combine a switchport + hardware raid and get 15€ of discount.

    To 12GB. RAM + 4 x 1 TB DISK = +30€/monthly
    To 12GB. RAM + 4 x 1,5 TB DISK = +40€/monthly


    Extra IP's (subject to Ripe approval)

    4,8 or 16ip's --> 49€ setup fee + 16€/monthly
    32, 64, 128, 256 ip's --> 99€ setup fee + 16€/monthly
    512 or more --> 199€ setup fee + 16€/monthly

    (It's more easy ripe approvation for slow ip blocks)


    Services included:

    + Free Remote reboot via tickets
    + Free OS reinstall
    + Free Rescue disk
    + Free vKVM on request (full KVM avalaible for an extra fee)
    + Free IP reverse
    + Free Monitoring with e-mail notification (sms for an extra fee)
    + Free 100Gb. ftp backup

    Addons included with your server:

    + 8,15$ resellerclub domain reseller (non customers can get it for a 30€ setup fee)
    + Free hyperspin reseller account (a $30 value)


    OS avalible:

    Debian, Ubuntu Server, Open Suse 11, Red Hat Ent. Linux 5 (for an extra fees),
    Fedora 9, CentOS, Gentoo, Slackware 12.1, Mandriva Freebsd, Windows 2008 and 2003 (for an extra fees)
    Ubuntu Desktop, VMWare, Proxmox, Xen, Virtuozzo (for an extra fees)...

    Control Panels:

    Webmin + virtualmin: Free
    Directadmin: 15€/monthly (VPS 5€ monthly)
    Cpanel: 35€/monthly (VPS 15€ monthly)
    Plesk 9: 30 domains: 10€/monthly,
    Plesk 9: 100 domains: 15€/monthly
    Plesk 9: 300 domains: 24€/monthly,
    Plesk 9: Unlimited domains: 30€/monthly
    Virtuozzo 3 containers: 30€/monthly
    Virtuozzo 10 containers: 60€/monthly
    Virtuozzo 30 containers: 150€/monthly

    Management options:

    Directadmin or Cpanel fully managed (no root access): +30€/monthly (license excluded)


    We are begining this project just now to give the people who can't buy directly our provider, the possibility to get this fabolous servers at a good price.

    We are working in our site and we expect to be finished in september or earlier.

    We don't offer support for this, but we try our best effort if you experience troubles.

    Terms and conditions and guarantees are the same offered by ovh in S pain

    Please pay attention that if you server make some illegal activity can be suspended.
    In that case you will get ftp access to recover your data and server will be reinstalled.
    You are responsable of the security of your server.

    Prices don't include vat (16% for european customers)

    If you are interested, please contact us at sales (at @)

    For a test ip or test file please, write us too.

    Best Regards,

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    APE: 6202A
    Are they from ?

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    Not exactly, these references correspond to spanish offer from this company.


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    Quote Originally Posted by marandia View Post
    OS avalible:
    Windows 2008 and 2003 (for an extra fees)
    Resale of OVH windows licenses is in breach of section 7 of OVH contract "Condiciones generales relativas a la utilizaciσn de los programas Microsoft"

    this can be read at

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    Thank you.

    This modifies initial post >> We don't offer any kind of Windows license with this servers, for incompatibility with ovh terms and conditions.

    Also, if any customer want to use their own license, can order full KVM and install it.

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