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    Full Cpanel/WHM Backup and Restore


    I have always used incremental backup to an external USB drive for my server using WHM.

    I just leased another server at another DC to serve as a backup server in times of disaster.

    Do I just rsync everything in the /cpbackup directory? And what are the steps/ procedures to take to restore everything onto the backup server when disaster strikes? (e.g. install cpanel/ restore all accounts from backup,etc..)

    Any help is appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Do not sync from /cpanel as it has been observed that sometimes file can miss.

    We would suggest you to do a different backup altogether.

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    you may copy the directory to cpbackup and then use the restore backup utility from WHM
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    You can use rsync to copy your backup to another server. Use verbose mode in rsync so that you can check the list of copied files/folders and if there is any error while transferring, you can transfer such files again. In case, if you require to restore entire server, you will need to transfer all the contents back to cpbackup directory and then select "Restore only" mode from cPanel Backup configuration.


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