Howdy folks,

I am planning on setting up a server running Ensim WEBppliance with 300 domains and need to know how large of a hard drive I should get.

Most of my customers won't have a lot of content for thier sites and I can estimate the size required for thier content based on past experience, but what I really want to know is how much space is used for a new, empty site added from within Ensim's control panel.

Here's what I did. I created a new, empty site. When I add a site without SSH, SquirrelMail, FrontPage Extensions, and Tomcat, I see about 95 MB per site. This is how I determined that:

#cd /home/virtual
#du -bcs site1

95506432 site1
95506432 total
When I include SSH, SquirrelMail, FrontPage Extensions, and Tomcat, I get this:

#cd /home/virtual
#du -bcs site2

117747712 site2
117747712 total
  • Is this because each site requires files to run within a chrooted environment?
  • Am I correct in assuming approximately 100 MB is required as a minumum per site?
  • If you have WEBppliance, what do you get when you issue a du command for a new, empty site?
Thanks for any help!