Panenthe is a web based application that will allow you to create and manage different virtual machines based on different technologies across multiple machines and platforms. The features provided will allow you to control your whole VPS Hosting from one central location.

Panenthe is based on a completely pluggable architecure that allows for us to maintain a more stable and efficent product. This also allows the community to create custom plugins as well as the ones supplied by Panenthe.

Panenthe also utilizes open source drivers and plugins to all our end users to customize the VPS drivers for their own installations.


Main Features that have been completed:
OpenVZ Drivers
Server Clustering
Status Pulling
Status history
Server Statistics
VM Statistics
Change Server SSH port/Password
VM Suspension
Admin Login
Client Login
IP Pools/Ip addresses
Add Server/Add Resource Packages
User Manager/Staff Manager
Assign VPS to Multiple Users
Add Templates/Delete Templates
ALOT & ALOT MORE, check our website

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