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    Forum Injection - Grand Opening Launch Sale! Forum Posting, Mod Installation + More! Grand Opening Launch Sale

    What is

    Forum Injection is a newly established web site and community for forum owners/administrators. We hope to create a place for forum owners to come and discuss things that relate to the duties of a forum owner. In addition to this we also provide various services to jump start forums or help boost an existing forum.

    Come visit us during our grand opening sale because our prices will NEVER be this low again! Don't miss out on your chance to catch our premium services for a great price.

    Forum Elevation Services

    Forum injection offers a forum elevation service which helps give your own community a boost! We will send our experienced staff from all around the world to come and participate in discussions on your forum.

    Our knowledgeable staff consists of a very broad range of individuals that will help make an impact on populating your forum with members, topics, and replies.

    Available Packages

    Delivery Package
    * 13 Total Posts
    * 10 Replies
    * 3 New Threads
    * 1 New Member
    Sale $3!

    10 CCs Package
    * 70 Total Posts
    * 60 Replies
    * 10 New Threads
    * 3 New Members
    Sale $13!

    20 CCs Floor Package
    * 140 Total Posts
    * 120 Replies
    * 20 New Threads
    * 5 New Members
    Sale $26!

    30 CCs Package
    * 260 Total Posts
    * 230 Replies
    * 30 Threads
    * 7 New Members
    Sale $47!


    Forum Services

    Forum injection is here to help make your forum stand out and what better way to do that than getting a new forum skin or mod installed for your community.

    Our professional programmers have years of experience with installing the most unique and fantastic forum skins and modifications you will ever find; not to mention the fabulous prices and service our experienced staff can offer you.

    Available Packages
    Theme / Skin Installation
    1 Day Avg Turnaround
    Any theme
    Any Forum Type
    Starting from $4

    Modification(s) Installation

    1 Day Avg Turnaround
    Any modification
    Any forum type
    Starting at $4 per mod

    Forum Skin & Mod Installation Package
    2 days Avg Turnaround
    Any theme / Any modification / Any forum type
    The bigger the order - the bigger the discount
    Starting at $8


    Why choose Forum Injection?
    At Forum injection we pride ourselves on quality, reliability, reputation, and satisfaction. We know that the only way to justify our premium prices is to provide premium services. We also understand the importance of customer service and I will personally do my best to make sure each and every one of our clients is happy with our service. We also have a customized client control panel to ensure a centralized place for our clients to keep track of their invoices, project progresses, and our helpdesk to enquire about anything that may be concerning them or the project.

    So I thank you for reading through this extremely long post and I hope to serve you in the future! Remember our prices are slashed for our opening sale and you will never be able to get our premium services this low again; so don't miss out.

    If you have any questions feel free to ask them or send us a contact email and I will try my best to answer them. Also feel free to email ud at: support[at]foruminjection[dot]com if you don't want to use the contact form located here: contact form

    The Forum Injection Team
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    Very interesting, when does this sale end?
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    The 4th of September

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