We have a number of racks available at the following sites:

- iPHouse Cable and Wireless (Docklands E14)
- BlueSquareData - BlueSquare House (Maidenhead)

iPHouse - 2 Available
42U Lockable Rackspace
24 Port APC Remote Reboot Switch
10 AMPs of Power on 16A Breaker
20Mbit 95%ile Monthly Bandwith
850/Month + VAT
0 Setup

BlueSquare House - 5 Available
42U Lockable Rackspace
16 AMPs Power
16 Outlet 2U Remote Reboot Switch
20Mbit 95%ile Monthly Bandwith
15 Minutes Remote Hands/Day
895/Month + VAT
0 Setup

Please contact me directly to discuss individual requirements and any questions that you may have:

[email protected]