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Thread: Cobalt RAQ 3

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    Cobalt RAQ 3

    Hi Everyone, I have received a Cobalt RAQ 3, it's a neat piece of kit, I have restored it with the Cobalt RAQ 4 OS, now with the Cobalt RAQs being EOL what could I do to keep it secure, I have it behind a firewall here at home.

    Thank You,
    All The Best, Alex.
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    Is there a "free" way to install BlueQuartz+CentOS on my Cobalt?

    Many Thanks

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    buy the zeffie CD (RaQ4-24032005.iso, 635010 KB) and install that on it. Also the updates from zeffie are good to have for security and they're not expensive and well worth the outlay if you're going to run the server at home.

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    The RAQ4 operating system is still supported today by Zeffie.

    I agree with tonj, it's worth the small investment to buy Zeffie's updates.

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    Replacement OS

    www osoffice co uk/products/strongbolt.html

    Good Centos 4 replacement for Raq OS and well supported.
    And installs the same way as original OS. I have this running on a Raq3 also running Mono for ASP.NET development.

    Also has a new SB2 out.

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    Yes the strongbolt replacement is worth it if you want the RaQs to run a more modern OS.

    Used it on all my servers when I was still providing dedicated server services.
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    Replacement OS

    I only mention Strongbolt as (like many I'm sure) I have a few RAQ3's left over from an old hosting company I once owned and thought they were pretty useless. I have installed Strongbolt and with the latest OS and patches etc, managed to compile the latest Mono code. This enables me to run a Mono/ASP.Net development environment, breathing new life back into the old Raq3

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    The Zeffie's updates are a great idea if you don't need php5, because the Zeffie installation is a bit expensive. Strongbolt 2 has php5 installed for virtualsites but the price is so high (you must pay for the SB1 and then for the update to SB2)

    I have this 3 OS in my servers and I'm not sure which one use. May be the Standard and updated Cobalt OS is the best to use at home, it's enough updated by Zeffie (not very often, but...) and very easy to use and configure.


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    If you buy StrongBolt1 it update your rom and install centoss => choose while it install to dont install bluequartz and update centos to 5.4 and after install blueonyx from the tarball :p -> you'll have a blueonyx better than SB2 (if you buy SB2 you can just update the rom it will be more compliant to new hardware too).

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