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    Easily customizable helpdesk

    Looking for an easily customizable helpdesk, preferrably php ... this will NOT be used for a tech support desk, but rather for a counseling site, hence the need to heavily customize it.

    We prefer php because it's generally template-based, so we can edit one template ... but any suggestions are welcome.

    I've taken a look at perldesk ... but it seems kind of tough to manage the look and feel of it.

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    PerlDesk...don't think it is that easy to customize (IMO).

    You may want to take a look at they have one that installs quickly and seems to be easy to customize.

    Hope this helps.

    BTW - might also want to search the forums at for help desk and see what pops up.

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    Thanks for the suggestion of that website ... I don't want to have one created ... I mean, we already have a programmer that handles that stuff, but like most of my requests here, this is for a personal project. I'll take a look at rackshack's forum


    edit - I just saw that has a free helpdesk on it .. thanks checking it out now
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    I found OneorZero to be the easiest to setup and most professional looking. Email functions are primative at best but the are working on it. So I am told

    Charlie Deckert

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