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    how to find the ddos target ip

    I have one server that is running some VPSes, if one vps is DDoSed, the network of the whole server will be unaccessable.

    the question is how can I find out which ip is attacked, so I can request a null route for that IP.


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    You can look at the network graphs / network utilization for the specific VPSs, see if any have spiked more than the average for those VPSs.

    Just to go into each VPS and check them out yourself.
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    but if the server is DDoSed, I can not connect to the server any more.

    How can I check network graphs of each vps?

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    You could do this with a crontabbed python/bash script.

    You can account packets and bytes on a per-IP basis with iptables - you will be able to pinpoint the attack and maybe even null it with some good scripts.

    Works well for us.
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    With the help of this command you can find if your server is under attack or not.

    # netstat -nat | awk '{print $6}' | sort | uniq -c | sort -n
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