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    Post How to setup remote boot on a computer?

    Hello there.

    I was browsing on google for some way to start my server remotely. And i read about something called "remote boot." I was wondering how does this work? Am assuming its a setting in bios.
    I have a server running Ubuntu 9.1. Is there a software available that could set this kind of system up for my server?

    Thank you.

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    look after PXE boot.
    that's what you need

    dhcp + tftpd + PXE enabled NIC ( most modern card support it )
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    You can also get a remote power controler to power off and then back on the server, essentialy unplugging it remotely and plugging it back in. Also depending on the model of server you have it may support DRAC for DELL or IPMI for Supermicro and HP has iLO cards.

    All support this feature plus more.
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    We utilize a multitude of remote PDU's in our facilities. Each server is then setup to [boot on pwr fail].

    When we need them on or off, we get into the PDU and simply hit on/off.

    I'm not sure if they make them for single PC setups however. The units we use range from 10port(8variable/2constant) to 40port (32variable/8constant).

    Good luck!

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    Hey guys, i think the OP is asking about remote BOOT, not remote - REBOOT - - Managed Hosting Solutions 2004 - 2016

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