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    php 4.2.2 & Red Hat Lunix 7.2 with plesk 2.5

    Hi all
    i have a question that my ISP cant solve
    i am offering subhosting to friends but the problem is that
    there is a problem with PHP. If a prog like nuke 6 is installed
    & you try to go to admin.php thru the browser it says cant find server.. basically my isp has lef me to solve his problem That is why i am asking for your expertise..

    Does anyone know the correct settings that will work installing
    php 4.2.2 on a redahat linux 7.2 with plesk 2.5
    This is really my last chance i have tried on the plesk forum & other places & drawn a blank.

    this would make me very happy & hopefully teach my isp a lesson

    many thanks in advance


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    can you see your main domain though? ie: Also have you checked all you permissions?

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    Yes the rest of the site is visible thru the browser only admin.php
    & index.php are giving the error can not find server. the chmod permissions are correct .. only nuke 6 & some other php progs cannot be seen ? here are the server details

    i think its something wrong in the installation of the php 4.2.2 ??



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    sorry that should be

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    Delete your cache and reupload the file.

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    i am not sure what you mean, the file nuke 6 has been deleted
    on a number of occasions & reuploaded but the cannot find server
    error still comes back even on a freshly made site .. I have installed nuke 6 many times so the prob is not with the installation but i think with the installed php 4.2.2 on the redhat 7.2 I think the php installation is wrong thats why i was requesting a instalation that someone else knows works 100%

    or i have mis understood your advise ??

    many thanks


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    What would deleting the cache change ??


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