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    Need a cheap vps with high bandwidth

    5-10g hard drive

    258-384 ram

    500-800g bandwith

    price 7-12


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    Try the "FIND A HOST" option and see if you can get any offers @ that price range maybe a special of some sort.
    You'd probably be looking @ an unmanaged VPS w/o control panel at that price.

    Good luck!
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    there are few hosts that meet ur budget in vps hosting offers, look for un-managed plans, all the best with your search

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    I agree, you shouldn't really find much trouble finding a host in the offers sections
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    800 gigs of bandwidth for $12 per month? reliable service would most likely cost you a little more since bandwidth isn't cheap. and 800 gb of it is quite a lot.

    that's the only part of your requirements that seem to be sticking out to me

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    I personally think that your budget is way to low for the bandwidth you are looking.

    - Daniel
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    I have to agree with the above. I'd recommend paying a little bit more, also have a look in the VPS offers forum? There's quite a number of reputable hosting offers over there.
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    As many others have said, have a look in the VPS Hosting Offers section.

    Your bound to find a deal.

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    Yeah true you pay for what you get.

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    I don't think it is possible to get 800GB of bandwidth for $12 a month unless you go with an extremely oversold host.
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    You're not going to get the higher end of your "dream" but you'll find hosts that will meet your lower end for around $12 unmanaged. Do yourself a favor and search for for reviews.

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    I do not think you can get bandwidth up to 500 GB to 800 GB in low price of $12. If you could spend bit more then please check vpsland plans. They provide Brustable RAM up to 1 GB, 500 GB bandwidth, 20 GB disk space in just $24.99.

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    You could also consider - pretty good, cheap VPS's

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    I have a friend who uses and they're very happy.

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