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    Please review my reseller hosting site...

    Hello all,

    Please review my reseller hosting web site

    Complimentary or critical, I'd like to hear your comments.

    Thanks in advance

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    Nice site. You present your information very quickly. If I were shopping for a reseller, I would like that I didn't have to dig to find you prices.

    The Flash at top is kind-a distracting... maybe make it loop slower or just loop once... I dunno. It is a little hard to read your "network & infrastructure" section with name constantly strobing across top.

    I think your contact page needs some more info... the guy with the headset on the left looks like some info should be under him... like on main index.html

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    very picky detail on my part, but i don't like the image in the upper right corner of the lady with the laptop, it looks like it was cut out with scissors...try to soften the edges, maybe blend it into the background somehow?

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    Oct 2002
    I agree with pokerstore, the image in the upper right is not the best quality. Other than that though, I really liked your site. It's clean and simple and easy to get around. Nice work.

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    Looks like a good web site. The only draw back was the extra white space. One suggestion would be to get rid of all of that extra black space at the right. The flash movie is OK.

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