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    DNS configuration?

    Right now, I'm hosting a private server on my VPS (well... I'm waiting for my VPS to e-mail me my VPS IP and pass, so I can access the Remote Desktop).

    I purchased hosting/a domain name from, well, I'm not gonna say incase of advertising. Anyways, to be able to register an account to use in-game, you have to go to ht tp://vps-ip. I'm using FileZilla for all my . net files (home page, forum, etc) but for my ht tp://vps-ip I have to use a program called WampServer, and upload the files to the 'www directory'.

    I tried uploading those files to my FTP (my . net site), but it's not linked with my game (the VPS IP, which I do not know yet XD, but right now I'm using a program called Hamachi to connect, and you have to use the Hamachi IP address, each computer has a different one). Anyways, the register page is already a default register page (a few people made it, then released all the files, so you can just edit the config.php file with your IP address and MySQL DB info).

    Now, if I wanted to upload those register page files through my FTP (to my .net), it won't work because it's not connected (not sure if that's the right word to use) to my VPS IP, so it won't register an actual account.

    How can I make it so that I can upload those register files into my FTP, so I can make it mysite. net/register, or /cp (control panel) instead of making it my-vps-ip/cp?

    I think you have to do some DNS configuration, but I'm not exactly sure how to do that.

    Please, I'd rather ahve one of you folks explain it then a guide on Google (I've been searching for weeks), but none of them really help me with what I need.

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    Does your VPS have private nameservers? In any case you need to go to the domain registrar and update the nameservers with the ones used by your VPS server.

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