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    Has anyone seen this movie or know what it is?

    Ok, so like this is way off topic for even the off topic forum for here but since this is like the only forum I ever post on I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask the WHT community if anyone knows what this movie is.

    This is a foreign movie, part German and Russian in language. I haven't seen the first part so I'm a lil vague on it.

    It is about a kid I think is named Joop. When the Nazis conquered his hometown in Russia they separate the Jews form the non-Jew children. This kid Joop said he was not a Jew so was conscripted in German army to translate since he spoke both German and Russian.

    At one part during this stage in the movie the front lines between the Germans and Russians got all messed up and was inter-tangled. So he finds a Russian radio and tells them he is a Jew hiding in the German army and that he wants to go over to them to escape. So the Russians give him their position, he gets up and walks toward the position, The rest of the Germans that he thought was gone gets up and storms the position with him. After they kill all the Russians he is credited with finding the Russian position and being a hero and all that

    Later he was sent to some Nazi youth school since he was such a trusted war hero for the Germans. A part of the movie while in school they hear the announcement of German army falling at Stalingrad. While he is in this school he has to tie a rubber band or something around his penis to hide his circumcision causing him great pain and infection. At one point there is a routine physical, when he finds out they do the cough thing with the you know what, he fakes a bad tooth ache and goes and gets a tooth pulled in which the Nazi dentist remarks that the tooth looked fine.

    They never suspected him but in order to give him the Aryan papers or whatever they have to have his family history in which he says was in some town that was leveled by the Germans therefore was unavailable.

    After he gets out of the school he goes into the SS. Finally the Russians are invading Berlin, when he catches his opportunity he runs to the Russians claiming he is one of them and so on.

    When the Russians take him to their commander he calls him a spy and a traitor. A group of concentration camp people are marching by, the commander gives his pistol to some guy to shoot him. Right before he gets ready to shoot him his long lost brother sees him and runs up to him hugging and crying on his shoulder. After that the guy didn't shoot him and the Russians believed his story. The end of the movie is pretty much him making his way back home to find all his family besides his bother are dead and so on.

    This was supposed to be based on a true story. I seen this on HBO and forgot the name. I still think about this movie and would like to buy it so if anyone has ever seen this or knows the name to it I would appreciate it.

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    Good Luck finding the movie name Do you remember what channel it was on why don't you check the archives of the station.
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    go to HBO website and check the movie schedule for the date you watched the movie

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    Seems like you have your character names mixed up, however the movie you are describing is Europa Europa.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TCH-Dick View Post
    Seems like you have your character names mixed up, however the movie you are describing is Europa Europa.
    Can anyone confirm? If so, kudos to Dick and WHT in general.

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    Little IMDB never hurt anyone.
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    Sounds like a very good movie.
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    Should have given us a spoiler alert for the ending

    I wanted to watch it. :'(

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    Who needs cloud computing, just post a WHT thread.
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