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    Seeking logo and Images for website.

    Hi all, I'm looking for a series of logo designs.

    1) Primary Website Logo (favicon)

    2) A series of 'black/white' (2 color anyways) images for categories. (these images can be used in place of 'missing' images for the actual item. (aprox 110x130)
    All | Arts & Cratfs | Baby Gear | Books | Computers | Electronics | Home | Media | Musical Instruments | Real Estate | Services | Sports & Recreation | Tools | Toys & Games | Video Games | Yard & Garden | Other.

    4) Small Text sized icons: Shipable, Tradable (permanent), 'Swappable' (temporary trade).

    I guess I'm looking for I'm not sure exactly how much I'm willing to offer..(obviously I want to spend less)...

    I'm not sure if I'm 'allowed' to give post url to the website here or goes..this will at least give you an idea as to what I need the logos/images for.

    The website is in 'final implementation' phase, and I'm hoping to pull in some art work spice it up. I suppose u can respond to this thread, or email: support (remove the space).


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    We will send you a message shortly.

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    E-mail sent

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    Email sent thank you for your time.
    Jeremy Shepherd
    Illustration and Website Design

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