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    Review: Makosolutions VPS update

    ok, so i've had my VPS for almost a year now. I was going to update my original thread but it seems to have disappeared after the WHT hack.

    overall i've been very happy with their VPS. I use it mainly for non http purposes and require medium cpu loads. to this day their cpu loads remained reasonable and i've never had any resource issues or slowdowns. unlike some other cheaper VPS providers, this VPS performance always remained within spec.

    since i do require some RAM, their SLM style RAM allocation has been a god sent. on my old VPS just the minimum installation took up ~100megs or so, here out of the 320megs of ram, I get almost all of it for *my* processes/daemons. if it was non-SLM i'd be stuck ordering a 512meg VPS!

    uptime has also been as expected, among others, i run some push email apps on the server and haven't had any downtime (that wasn't my fault ) or network speed issues.

    since i'm pretty comfortable with linux and vps i only required help maybe 3-4 times but when i needed it was professional, quick and to the point.

    so to recap:
    -very reasonable pricing
    -SLM (good!) memory allocation
    -no over-saturation of VPS nodes
    -very good speed and uptime

    i've been through 3 other providers before settling on Makosolutions.
    for anyone looking for VPS with Virtuozzo and SLM for a really good price I'd recommend giving Makosolutions VPS a consideration.

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    Glad to hear you're happy with them, keep us posted in the future!

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    nice to hear that u r pleased with ur host

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    Thank you for your positive words, rob7869!

    We're glad that you are satisfied with our services and we thank you for your continued business.

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    Thanks for the 1 year experience sharing. It is glad to hear a customer sharing his positive experiences. Keep us updated again and have a nice journey ahead.

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    Positive experience of the peoples turns into positive reviews. Thanks for the review.
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