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    Illustrator Required

    Hi Everyone,

    We have a new development in the pipline for our hosting service and Im in need to a professional illustrator to make a 'scene' as it were.

    Needs to look fresh, cartoony - to give of the relaxed approach customers have come to know.

    This needs to be a Vector Graphic - I will need full source.


    I define a scene as in ones above

    PM me for more info - unless you can quote me right away. If a good job is done (Which im sure it will be) then I have a habit of hiring the same people again.

    I have no set budget - I normally dont mind paying for things as long as its reasonable. I will go with the best quote I receive - does not mean the cheapest.
    Rob - Creative Director
    Peartree Digital Media Solutions & Peartree Hosting Department.
    Providing a range of services from graphic design and XHTML coding to web hosting, VPS and dedicated servers.
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    Please, contact our professional illustrators at www(dot)w3illustration(dot)com to discuss the price. Thanks.

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    Added you to msn.

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    i sent you a pm here

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