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    Moving From Reseller Account to Dedicated Server

    Hi Everyone!

    This appears to be the most knowledgeable community in regards to the hosting community and dedicated servers so I decided on consulting with you guys on an issue I am facing.

    I run a small hosting company in a small town in Texas. I have been using a reseller account through a company that is now telling me that my business is exceeding their space/bandwidth limits - of course they are offering unlimited but somehow I am exceeding it!

    So, I am considering moving my company to a dedicated server at iWeb. However, I am not sure how to move my main website and all the people I am hosting from the reseller account to a dedicated server. It would be great if someone could inform me on how to do this. I am currently on a cPanel server and will be moving to another dedicated cPanel server.

    Also, if you know of any dedicated server companies that have good servers at an affordable price that will do this for me freely then please let me know about them as well because I am still debating if I want to go with iWeb.

    Any help will be appreciated...

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    You can simply use the Transfer option in cPanel, makes this task easy and straight forward; you will end up with a reseller account on your new dedicated server and if you like you can then reclassify them to the root account.

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    I would look into a server management company, you can find some that will do a server setup for $75~ and up depending on the company. Basically they would get everything going for you, and once configured you could begin moving clients over.

    Also, there is no such thing as unlimited, ever. It's a terrible marketing tactic.

    You could try softlayer and the planet, they have bargain servers you can get a good deal on.

    Best of luck!

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