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    Link Disk Host DoS

    Link Disk Host is currently investigating a DoS attack. Our network has been down since 9:00 AM EST.

    Our site is currently online, should we go off line again please refer to this forum for updates.

    We apologize for the inconvenience.

    Kind regards,

    Jason Litson
    Link Disk Host

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    We have found that one of our client's VPS has been hacked. It sent and received more than 4 million packets in a short time saturating our network.
    The VPS has a firewall installed, but the VPS owner is currently out of the country and not responding to emails.
    I believe he is offering free hosting with automated setup of the accounts. (Not a good idea by the way).
    The VPS has been disabled.

    We do not foresee any further issues with this, so this thread will no longer be updated.

    Kind regards,

    Jason Litson
    Link Disk Host

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