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    anyone know how to acquisition youtube?

    anyone know how to Acquisition youtube?

    and what kind of the software you use

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    I dont think your english is proper, you want to take over or buy Youtube?

    Or do you want to clone their site.

    Google around for "Youtube Clone". You will find many many scripts/software that mimic youtube.

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    sorry for my mistake i want to clone the some video from youtube

    and software?

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    i dont' have alot adult movie clone means copy the video from other website to my website .

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    You're trying to pilfer porn from YouTube?!?! Let me be the first to welcome you to the internets on your first day.

    P.S. YouTube gives you the code to embed the video on your site right next to the video!!!! Why make a copy when they invite you to tax their servers instead of your own.

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    This site kills me sometimes.

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    nothing i can do now..

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