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    Jailshell or noshell?

    I was doing some Linux administration on a WHM/cPanel server for a client when I came across entries like these in the /etc/passwd file:

    But on all the WHM servers that I have seen the entries have been like this:

    So what is the difference between the two? Which is more secure and how do I make all users and new users that are created in WHM jailshell instead of noshell?

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    The jailshell accounts mean that those users will be able to login to a fairly restrictive but still useful shell account via SSH (firewall and maybe other settings permitting).

    The "noshell" ones are more secure as it's one less way in to the server. However, the "jailshell" is pretty secure. If you want to limit the ways in to the server and the possibility of someone doing something silly, it's best to disable it.

    As for making the default "noshell", it's in WHM somewhere. I haven't used WHM for years so don't remember, just poke around till you find it, or look in the manual. (or someone else can tell you on here).

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    Yeah all accounts are noshell by default, thanks for your help.

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    I see sometimes that people get bin/false what is that? Is it safe to allow?

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    Yeah that's fine. If it's "false" then they can't login.

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