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    Cool, brandable hosting domain -


    I am selling this cool hosting domain - Though the domain was registered with the idea for a hosting company, it can be used in other ways too. Just do a Google search for "Host Beer" and "Hostbeer"

    The domain was registered on 2008-09-05 at, so it's almost about 1 year old. The sale price will include renewal for 1 year at

    Bidding starts at $50, BIN price is $150. Minimum increment of $5.

    If sold at BIN price, the sale will include (registered at GoDaddy) too, free of cost!

    Bidding ends in 24 hours from last BID, or when BIN offer is made.

    Looking for a quick sale on this brandable name.


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    Hi out of interest why did you register this domain, has it had an active website on it before ?
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    No, this domain has never been used before or advertised publicly with an active website. I planned to use it for a cool web 2.0 style hosting brand, but because of some reasons, it never took off. I even got a design done for this - (Not complete)

    Thanks for your interest

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