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    Post Business partner and/or possible job opportunity

    About me and the project:

    I am very fluent in Bash(ZSH)/PHP/MYSQL programming and i`m little bit over 30 years old. In overall i poses very high skills when it comes to Linux kernel, server administration and security etc. I have nearly ten years experience in IT business.

    Itīs been now little bit over one year since i have started my current project solely by myself. Project is very unique and advanced to code and more likely the most advanced ever of itīs kind even itīs not released yet.

    I have myself all the necessary coding skills and such but what i donīt have is, enough time (Read: I have all the time but it will take too long to finish and update it myself). Due to project nature, there will not be never a final version, it requires a constant update.

    However this project is growing and therefore i`m in need of Your help. Im coding this project from 6 to 12 hours per day, nearly every day. You can find more details about this project by visiting link showed in my signature.

    I fully own every server hardware on my company and poses all rights to my own software of course.

    Partner and/or possible job opportunity provides you the following:

    - Own free remote dedicated server hardware to code and play with on 100Mbit connection located in Finland
    - You can work as remote whenever you feel so but the main thing is that you do as agreed or told and can keep schedule
    - Possibility to learn new things, not only coding
    - Shares from income or even a full-time job depending on your skill

    Your requirements:

    - Atleast 20 years old (Yes you must be able to prove your age if asked and you are ready to sign NDA)
    - You are fluent atleast in one of the following programming languages: PHP/MYSQL/ZSH(Advanced version of BASH)
    - You can do custom HTML/CSS
    - Experience with Linux and Debian operating system
    - You are able to work by your own without a supervisor
    - You must be individual person, no companies are allowed


    - You have good english skills, both written and spoken (Your translations are needed)
    - C programming skills
    - Good with graphical design
    - Marketing skills

    My own believe to this product is very high and it will surely provide a good income when release version is ready. I would not have written it for over a year otherwise and this software has been in use since first version on my company and i have seen growth with it and the best part of it, itīs a fully automated solution.

    I am very relaxed and everything can be discussed, do not hesitate to contact me. Best person for this job would be guy or women who is currently jobless and have about 70% match from requirements.

    Use this format when contacting (Either by email or writing here):


    PS. Requirements may seem to be high but as i have said, project is very unique and advanced to code, this is not for novices sorry. I am looking for a hardcore. Take this as a challenge

    You can contact me directly on MSN: info -{-@-}- gameframe . net as well.
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    I have forgot to add yesterday that mentioned business partner position is for those who have marketing skills. This product full version price will be between 2-2500EUR per year. This means a good revenue for a salesman.

    So for example if You already run successful software company and you`re possible interested in adding this product to your "line-up". I am currently open to all interesting kind of partnerships.

    Technically i am high skilled but my weakest spot is the marketing and considering the amount of time all the coding and testing takes i have realized i need at the beginning at least few more people with me.

    Mentioned programming language ZSH is actually just like BASH but itīs an advanced version of it (can handle decimals without bc, better process control, not that picky about format any many many more what makes it better), so if you are fluent in BASH, yes you can easily write in ZSH as well.
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    Do you have affiliate system or reseller program?
    I'm interested in selling your program.

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