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    Customizable Plankowner Specials

    I have a new cluster going in to our Datacenter, and wanted to offer up a special deal for WHT members.

    Come on board as a "plankowner," and I'll cut you a great deal. Our VPS offering are totally customizable. This is a multiple-server cluster with huge amounts of fully blazingly fast Raid 10 storage (SCSI and SAS), each server has multiple redundant subsystems, and the the servers are NLB providing further redundancy.

    The datacenter itself if a fully qualified tier 4 datacenter, with several cross-patched backbone lines from multiple, independent service providers. Our cluster itself is on a 100Mbps net, which can be increased to 1Gbps with just minutes notice.

    Some standard and optional utilities and features:
    Windows Server 2008
    Linux (CentOS 5.3, or your choice)
    MS SQL 2008
    MS Exchange 2007/ 2010
    Hosting Controller 8
    All the "standard" fare for webservers (php, MySql, etc.).
    As many IPs as can be justified (we have access to most of an entire Class B subnet, so it is inconceivable that we couldn't supply almost any need).
    Servers with multiple dual and quad core processors
    Memory large enough to fit any almost need
    Cisco Firewall
    Nightly incremental/monthly full backups.
    Cabling throughout is short strands of Cat6, 6a, or Fiber (depending on the what is talking with what) to virtually eliminate attenuation and cross-talk all together.

    With all the options we have available to offer, it would be difficult or even short sighted to simply throw out prices. Suffice to say, we are looking to cut you some major deals. You tell us you needs, and we'll settle upon a price that is right for you. Bring me your current setup and I'll work hard to beat it by 5-10% or more*.

    I'm not great about checking forum post such as these, so please feel free to drop me a line to me email address. We'll work out a deal that is right for you and have you set up in no time.

    *exceptions apply, and none of this "unlimited bandwidth" nonsense, which we all know doesn't exist. Or exists only until you actually need it, then you are dropped. We don't offer unlimited bandwidth and won't oversell our hardware or pipe.

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