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    * $1.29/mo (50% off first month!) | Free phpLD/Wordpress Installs | 99.9% Uptime

    Shared Hosting Blowout!

    Take 50% off first month using coupon '50off' at checkout.

    2GB DS/ 20 GB BW, 9 Add On Domains, 50 Parked Domains, UNLIMITED SQL databases. $1.29/mo but only $.65 first month or $12.99/yr

    4GB DS/ 40 GB BW, 24 Add On Domains, 100 Parked Domains, UNLIMITED SQL databases $2.49/mo but only $1.25 first month or $24.99/yr

    8GB DS/ 80GB BW 99 Add On Domains, 200 Parked Domains, UNLIMITED SQL databases $4.29/mo but only $2.15 first month or $42.99/yr

    16GB DS/160 GB BW, 149 Add On Domains, 300 Parked Domains, UNLIMITED SQL databases $7.79/mo but only $3.90 first month or 77.99/yr

    Do none of our standard packages suit your needs? Don't worry, contact our sales team to develop a custom package. We will fill any request no matter how unique the set up.

    Activation is instant upon payment received. Will take less than 5 minutes.

    We offer free setup and installation of all accounts.
    We also offer free installation of many scripts including Wordpress, PHP Link Directory, Joomla, SMF, myBB, and many more. We will even install plugins and themes for you, for FREE!

    Support it offered in a variety of ways 24/7. Please see our contact page for a list of all our contacts. Main ways though are email, Live Chat, and MSN.

    We guarantee 99.9% uptime!

    We offer a 14 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied, receive a full refund. No questions asked.

    * cPanel 11
    * Apache 2.2.11
    * PHP 5.2.10
    * MySQL 5.0.81-community
    * PostgreSQL
    * Ruby / Ruby on Rails (FastCGI)
    * Softaculous (script library) (list of scripts)
    * phpMyAdmin for MySQL database management
    * phpPgAdmin for pgSQL database management
    * Unlimited email addresses
    * Unlimited FTP accounts
    * POP3 access to email accounts
    * SMTP service (ports 25 and 26)

    Note: CubicHost does NOT oversell its resources.
    Personal Contact: gray[at]
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    //VPS Blowout going on now! Can you believe it?
    //Installation of any script i.e. Wordpress, theme or plugin(s) included!
    //99.9% Uptime//Live Support//Awesome Deals!

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