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    what should i do after add dns server

    i have create name servers at my registrar and then get this
    so what the next step

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    I'm going to assume that is the IP that you want your site pointing to. Have you uploaded any webfiles/installed any scripts (like wordpress)?

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    i donnt do any thing after i add dns server

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    If you are looking to create private nameservers, you could create (point to first IP of your vps) and (point to second IP of your vps) at your domain registrar, and then add this namesevers to your cpanel DNS setup.

    (takes 24-48 hours to propagate)

    You can then point all domains to these nameservers you wish to host it on your cpanel vps.

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    You should now upload your webpages by using ftp client to the webserver.
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    i make this but when i try add nameserver to any web site
    i get this message

    nameserver not registered

    look this pic

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    xtrac568 is correct about creating private nameserver, what is your control panel are you sure you have bind installed on your VPS? note that it can take around 12-48 hours before your DNS changes to propagate.
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