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    how many memory do you use ?


    for q6600 and q9550,

    i feel 4gb ram is enough,

    but im not sure if 8g will get better performance a lot,

    could you share your experience about how many ram do you use?


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    i go with 8 gb will good
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    What specifically are you planning to use the server for? For many uses 4GB will be more than adequate, for others, it isn't. The more memory you have for MySQL and data caching the better though.
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    8GB is obviously better than 4GB .

    But depends on what you're doing with the server.
    If your server is not under high load you might not need 8GB.

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    As people already said, 8GB is better than 4GB but it all depends what you will be doing with your server. I would go with 8GB, shouldn't cost you that much more and it's always good to have alot of RAM.

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    Run a top report in linux or check out the taskmanager in windows. See how much ram that you're using currently and base your decision on what you find. You'll almost certainly use up more ram in a windows server but it still doesn't warrant 8GB right out of the gate.
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    the more ram you have the more ram your softwares tend to seek out - it's not easy getting to 4gb of ram usage unless you're doing something very resource consuming. but as others have said, we can't really recommend which would be better unless we know what you plan on doing - of course 8gb is "better" since it's more but it will also cost you more money - if you have the money to invest then go ahead, otherwise don't over buy resources (just a tip)

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    I only have 2GB, LoL!
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    i have 8gb but i use up around 5-6gb for my applications.

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    Depending on what the server is for, we generally have them equipped with a minimum of 8GB.

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    I have a X3320 CPU as my personal server, i have 8GB's of ram with that however i need more using bugger all CPU but lots of ram. ( being about 300mhz of one of the cores.)

    Sadly 8GB is the max the mobo will take.

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