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    * - $39.95/Windows Server 2008/1 GB RAM/50 GB HD/100 Mbps/3.0 Ghz CPU
    High Performance, Reliable, Fast Service

    Be confident your services and applications will work on your VPS with our 4 day money back guarantee.
    If you cancel your subscription within 4 days we'll give you a full refund.

    Server Specials

    [SPECIAL 1]
    Windows Server 2008 Standard [ALL ROLES & FEATURES]
    1x 3.0 Ghz CPU (Intel® Xeon® Processor E5450)
    1 GB (1024 MB) Dedicated RAM
    50 GB RAID 10 HD
    100 Mb/sec Tier 1 BGP4 Internet
    1 TB Monthly Transfer
    $39.95 per mo -> BUY

    [SPECIAL 2]
    Windows Server 2008 Standard [ALL ROLES & FEATURES]
    2x 3.0 Ghz CPU (Intel® Xeon® Processor E5450) (6.0 Ghz Total CPU)
    2 GB (2048 MB) Dedicated RAM
    100 GB RAID 10 Storage
    100 Mb/sec Tier 1 BGP4 Internet
    2 TB Transfer
    $59.95 per mo -> BUY

    The hypervisor is Microsoft newest high performance virtualization system: Hyper-V

    100MB download test file:

    Custom reverse DNS available at no charge.

    Instant setup. Purchase and receive the login IP/User/Pass within minutes!

    RAID Controller: Adaptec 5805 w/ 512MB Battery backed write cache
    4 Hard Drive RAID Level 10 (Speed and Protection)
    400MB/sec avg read speed | 350MB/sec avg write speed | 600 MB/sec R/W burst
    Never oversold. All VPS's will be able to achieve full CPU speed.

    Free snapshot and recovery
    High speed never oversold dual processor quad core machines
    High speed never oversold 100Mb/sec internet connections to all servers
    RAID protection ensures no data loss from hard drive failures
    ECC Memory corrects memory errors for reliable execution
    Full Administrator access to your server
    Multiple remote desktop connections and multiple users allowed
    IIS7 included
    Run custom applications
    Data center located in NYC with fat pipe connections to many ISPs
    Tier 1 IPv4 & IPv6 bandwidth: Level 3, Sprint, Global Crossings, XO, Tiscali, Hibernia, and Private and public peering to NYC carrier hotels
    Network upgraded at 80% utilization point for excellent bandwidth availability
    Many ISP connections ensure low latency and high bandwidth globally
    Cisco powered, BGPv4 based self-healing network
    99.99% Server availability SLA w/ 24x7 server monitoring
    Generator and battery power backup

    All Packages come with:
    Full Admin Access
    Multiple RDP Access
    Windows Server 2008 Standard Edition (Enterprise Edition available upon request [$10/mo extra])
    1 IP address, Extra IP addresses available

    Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments.

    email: [email protected]
    phone: (312) 436-1007

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