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    Thumbs up I need your suggestions

    Hello everyone, i'm looking for a vps with the following requirements,I can only spend $50 per month:

    Support Proxy
    (Because I mainly use it as a springboard )

    Support Proxy operators company of rare, so ask for your help


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    You might want to state if you need on-shore hosting or off-shore depending on what your intentions are. - Quality Engineered Linux/Windows 2003/2008 Dedicated VPS Provider - "VDS/VPS Setup AVAILABLE!!!"
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    You should be ok with the generic offers in the forum (see Just do a bit of research to find out who you're dealing with.

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    I strongly suggest checking out ( it will be your best bet in the end.

    Also, make sure you do research outside if WebHostingTalk on search engines such as Yahoo, Google or Bing. Each search engine will pull and provide different information. Good luck!
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