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    Accepting Credit Cards

    Once in a while, we have orders from overseas clients who insisted on paying via credit card for even first payments. For us, we try not to accept credit cards for overseas payments. First payment was either bank transfer or Western Union. But such clients insisted on credit cards and threatened to cancel their orders if we do not accept.

    For such cases, we normally allow them to cancel. What do you think? Am I too careful and losing too many clients?

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    Western union has a reputation for being associated with scams and fraud so i don't blame them for not wanting to use it.

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    in other parts of the planet creditcards or Paypal are associated with scams and fraud ;-) Loads of Europeans positively hate having to pay per CC and keep one exclusively only for US online purchases.

    Western Union on the other hand is in much of Europe the only way to send or receive money via the postal services. Not that it is cheap of course, where I live a payment costs 39 Euros (50 USD) fees!


    If you have lots of clients from the US it might be worth your while setting up a bank account there, so that US customers can do an inland money transfer (US bank to US bank). And instead of Western Union I'd also accept international money orders. Some AMEX branch ought to be in your region where you can cash those, or your bank may even transmit them to your account at the same price as checks.


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    Since you are not in the US, when you say International, are you talking about US customers? I would say yes, as there are fraud tools you can use with US customers, but not International. Such as AVS, reverse phone looking up, google maps, etc. If you were in the US, I would advise caution with International transactions as there are ZERO tools available to use to know if the customer is who they say they are. Way too easy for International customers to defraud US merchants.

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    Do a search on Google for chargeback & fraud tips and you should find some pages with helpful information.
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    Yes, the question here is your business location and what customers are treated as overseas?
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    For me, yes, you are loosing too much clients which are searching their own good-feel ! THEY WANT credit cards, GIVE IT TO THEM !

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