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Thread: Waveweb Review

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    Waveweb Review

    Hello, I've had a VPS from Waveweb for about 3 days now. The site hosted on it is . The speed/uptime so far has been excellent. My only complaint is the price/specs ratio

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    Thanks for the quick review, be sure to keep us posted in the future
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    thanks for sharing

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    I'm glad to hear you have had such a wonderful experience. Make sure to keep us posted throughout the months as your relationship with the company continues. Thanks again for sharing!
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    Miguel runs a VERY right ship over at WaveWeb and is one of the genuine admins that I've met that really knows what they're doing.

    The prices maybe a little bit high but that's what you expect from a premium service. We have used his service many times since moving on, mainly in emergency situations and he always rises to the occasion. - Automated VPS Provisioning

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