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    any managed company support third-party softs ?

    looking for a managed company to support my streaming project "IceCast"


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    Doesn't appear UK2 do managed servers/hosting.

    What exactly are you looking for in terms of management?
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    Uk2 does sell managed servers - also with support for external apps/scripts. Support done by our setup @, which is fully owned by


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    I have my own server, managed by my technical Support Team, but My Support Team doesn't support 3rd party softs.

    I need IceCast, so i'm looking for a company to do this job.

    I tryed "Platinum Server Management" but they said "we do not support icecast specifically since it is not cpanel standard software"

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    Make a post in the systems management requests section of the forum, masses of people should get back to you!
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