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    Who offers SECURE Web and Database hosting?

    Please excuse my ignorance on the topic. I am a developer who has never had to worry about hosting and network security.

    I am working on a project on my own that will be a 3 tier web app (GUI, MT, DB). I will be having the application hosted by a 3rd party. My concern is network security.

    I need a hosting company that has a network to allow the following:

    1) "Secured" DMZ where the Web server will reside. Outside (internet) access will be allowed on ports 80 and 443.
    2) Secured network where the Database server will reside. Access from the DMZ will need to be restricted to traffic originating from the web server in the DMZ on port 1433.

    I would like the hosting company to provide all hardware. I suspect my needs will be met by virtualization.

    I will be using Microsoft technologies (ASP.NET, SQL Server).

    Thanks to all who reply.

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    Depending on your budget; in my opion it's more secure to lease a few dedicated server (dedicated to the site) and with a good datacenter who can do what you are requesting.

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    Thanks for your reply. Regarding your questions:

    Budget: I will have a limited budget for the first several months, $200 per month.

    Storage Needs: Across both the web server and database, less than 500Gb for the first several months.

    Bandwidth needs will be low.

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    You have a couple of options - you can go with a Windows Hosting Provider and get a shared account where the msSQL server will likely reside on the same machine as IIS and save some money until you really need your own dedicated machine or you can get your own dedicated which will likely cost you around $200/month or so including software licensing for Windows and msSQL etc...
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