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    need best package for uploader site

    Hello Dear

    Could you please tell me which is best for upload site

    webhosting that can offer me a good bandwidth

    Becoz I have a site for image hosting .


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    First off what is your budget? storage and bandwidth requirements? Overall a vps or dedicated is best to use in the future and would be easier to startoff with so there would be no need to move.
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    Thank you darkeden

    my budget is 500 $ a year


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    You can probably get your self a very low end dedicated server for that price with an 80GB drive, and 2000GB transfer. You may want to have a peek in the offers section for either a VPS, or a dedicated server.


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    If you know your site will be popular, then go for a dedicated, but if you're just starting out then a VPS would probably suit you better.

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    I would recommend a host with unlimited bandwidth, for example like hostgator has now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gold Dragon View Post
    I would recommend a host with unlimited bandwidth, for example like hostgator has now.
    There is no such thing as unlimited really....

    Make sure to read their TOS or ask them if you are planning to use 5000TB :-)
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    You couldn't have an upload site at HostGator anyways - it's against their Terms of Service.
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    I was wondering you are looking for the services like rapidshare?
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    If you know what you are looking for I suppose you can post the requirements here and leave your quote. Subscribed providers will send you their offers directly
    Good luck

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    You should start off with atleast a decent specs VPS if your budget does not permit you to go for a dedicated server right away. Image hosting would use up a considerable amount of web space and bandwidth so choose a VPS which matches up with your space and bandwidth requirements.
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    Most shared web hosts will not allow any type of file hosting site to be hosted in there servers.

    Your going to want to get a VPS or dedicated solution.

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    You may be able to find a hosting provider that provides non-oversold hosting and then you may be able to use shared hosting for your upload site.

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