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    A couple of questions on hosting and renewal

    Does anyone know who has the cheapest domain renewal (one of mine is about to expire) and transfer that will accept paypal without the use of a debit or credit card? Thanks

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    Godaddy and Namecheap are quite cheap. I know there is another but cannot remember where it was, though was cheaper than both.

    I'll try and get back to you on the name.

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    Never used them myself but they have been around a while:

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    i always use namecheap and godaddy myself! - web/shells/ircd/shoutcast hosting!
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    I like Godaddy. There always have deals/coupons going one.

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    i think you can use namecheap and search for some coupon codes so that your renewal will be cheap too.

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    I suggest Godaddy also checkout the internet for coupons, just google it aswell

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    GoDaddy as well. Never had a single problem with them - but of course it is only domain registration so there isn't much there that can go wrong.
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    Domain registration isn't that expensive at most dedicated domain registrars such as enom, godaddy, namecheap,, etc...

    It's when you register through a host that they tend to be a bit more expensive.
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    Godaddy and namecheap will be your top choice.
    Maybe some of the companies provide a price around $8 for the first year.

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    It's hard to beat Godaddy's domains, and it's fairly easy to point them to wherever you need. Even if their control panel stuff is annoying.

    So +1 for Godaddy

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    I agree with mike

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    Either namecheap, or recently netfirms went to accepting paypal also.

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    Hi, also accept Paypal.


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